Southern Thailand Travel Photos: Foodtography


Rice cakes with peanut sauce
Dinner at Thon Krueng

Smoked eggplant salad
Dinner at My Choice

Miang plah
Dinner at Vientiane Kitchen

Coconut sorbet
Lunch at A. Mallika

Whole durian
Aw Taw Kaw Market

Seafood curry in a young coconut
Lunch at Toh Plue in Chatuchak Market

Chive dumplings
Sidewalk Market and Noodle Shop

Road to Ranong

Hot chillies
The market in Hua Hin

Watermelon and pineapple as edible art
Lunch in Pranburi

Buns in the steamer
Afternoon Snack at the "Bun Village"

Soft shelled crabs
Palm Court at Jansom Thara Resort

Koh Surin

Fried fish at our first lunch
Fried and Steamed Fish

Stir fried cabbage with pork
Island Stir Fries

Seasoning for a breakfast soup of rice
Soups, Appetizers, et cetera


Appetizer of vegetables with shrimp dip
At the Greenview

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